Legal statement
Use of website

The content on CPSB website (hereinafter abbreviated as “this website” is only for your own use instead of commercial purpose. For the declarations in the content that includes copyright and other property rights, please respect them and reserve in their copies. If the content in the website has not right declaration, it does not mean that the website has not right to such content, nor the waiver of rights. Please respect the legal rights of such content and legally use it according to honesty principles. You shall not modify, copy, shown, disclose or distribute all these materials in any means or use them for any public or commercial purposes. It is prohibited to use these materials in any other websites or other plane medias or network computer environment. The content and the editing forms on the website are protected by laws such as the Copyright Law. Any unauthorized use might impinge on the copyright, trademark or other legal rights. If you do not accept or breach the aforesaid agreements, your right to use the website will be automatically terminated, meanwhile you shall destroy all downloaded or printed content.

Information release

The information on the website is provided according to the origin, without guaranty in any means, including the guaranty for application to special purposes or not infringe the intellectual property right. Moreover, CPSB does not guarantee the absolute correctness or completeness of the information on the website. The content on CPSB website or the products, prices and function parameters in the content might be altered at any time without prior notice. The content might be out of date, to which CPSB does not guarantee to update. The information released on the website might include the products or services that you cannot obtain in your locations. Please consult the business contact person or agency of CPSB in your place.

Concerning the files submitted by visitors

Except the individual recognized information, any materials, information or contact ways (hereinafter as information) that you sent or delivered to our website will be regarded as non-confidential or non-exclusive. CPSB will not shoulder any obligations for such information. At the same time, if you do not have special statement on your submission, it can be regarded as permission (or authorization). CPSB and its authorized people can copy, disclose, distribute, merge all such information and all data, images, voices, texts and other content or by other means for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Your use of our website shall not breach legal regulations or public moralities, nor shall you send any materials that are illegal, minatory, defamatory, slanderous, nasty, erotic or other might be illegal ones to our website. 

Use of the data downloaded from our website

For the convenience of the readers, we provide the data downloading services. If you download materials from our website, please abide by all the permissible clauses in the software permission agreement brought with the data when using software. Before you read and accept the clauses of the software permission agreement, you are not allowed to download or install such software, nor shall you use such data for business purpose. Once we find out, we will regard such behavior as violation of right.

Link to third parties’ website

The link to any third party’s website will only be a service for your convenient. When you use these links, you will leave our website. CPSB has not inspected any of the third party website, and does not control such websites or their contents, nor do we shoulder any responsibilities. If you decide to visit a third party website linked with us, you shall shoulder all possible results and risks. 

Limit of responsibilities
CPSB and its suppliers or the third party mentioned in this website will not be responsible for any losses (including but not limited to the damages caused by lost profits, data or business breakdown), no matter if such damages are caused by use or not use our website, any website linked with us or information included in any of such websites, nor will we care if they have guaranty, contract, impinge behaviors or other advices concerning on the possible occurrence of such kinds of damages in advance. 
CPSB will not shoulder any responsibilities under one of the following situations: the transmission of information is caused by the person who is not network service provider (CPSB and its authorized people); the transmission, relay, provision connection and storage of information are realized through necessary automatic technical treatment, the information has not been selected by the network service provider; besides automatic response to other people’s requirements, the website service provider has not chosen the provider or the receiver of such information; the system of the network service provider or the copies formed as media of network or temporarily stored, under normal situation, has not been obtained by the person who is not the receiver, and the reservation time is not longer than the proper time needed for the preset receiver to obtain the information providing transmission, relay or connection; the information transmitted by system or website is not changed at all.
General principles

CPSB might change these clauses at any time. You should visit the homepage to learn the current clauses often because they are closely related with you. Some of the items in these clauses might be substituted by some legal notice or clauses clearly determined on some pages in the website. 

Privacy Protection Clauses
CPSB guarantees the safety and confidentiality of user information. Guarantee measures: employees contacting user information have the obligation of confidentiality; the safety regulations and technical measures of CPSB and its Website meet national technical indexes. The Website of CPSB shall not disclose users’ personal information to any third party, unless on legal basis or getting users’ permission. After executing the abovementioned guarantee measures, except for intention or gross negligence, CPSB shall not undertake any responsibility for the disclosure of user information. 
The Website of CPSB shall record users’ browsing behavior, such as the IP address of the PC used by users, date, time, browser type and operating system, and the contents browsed, etc. The collection of the aforesaid information by CPSB is only for data safety and service optimization, and it’s impossible to distinguish individual users by collection of such information.
When users browse the Website, some information will be stored in users’ computer in the form of “Cookie”, for purpose of automatic identity recognition in users’ next access. Cookies could help the Website created by CPSB in multiple forms, for example, cookies could cater for users’ interest all the better or save the password (so that users needn’t to re-input the password for logon each time). If users are unwilling to accept “Cookie”, please refer to the instructions in Internet browser, select clearing these cookies from hard disc, or block all the cookies, or receive warning before the cookies are saved.
The personal information, such as name, address and mailbox, provided by users through website to the Website of CPSB shall only be processed in condition of being related to users, and shall be limited to the purposes pursued by users when they provide such information. For example, in condition of being related to users, we will use personal information to notify users of new products or services, and other information that users are possibly interested in. Users may notify the Website not to use their personal information any more.
The laws of the People’s Republic of China are applicable for the disputes caused from this notice or the use of this website.
The right to interpret the notice and the use of the website is subject to CPSB